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Lina Shehadeh, PhD

General Information

Lina  Shehadeh, PhD


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  • Assistant Professor of Medicine


Research Interests

Dr. Shehadeh’s laboratory is investigating the molecular mechanisms by which microRNAs regulate atherogenesis and stem cell differentiation. Dr. Shehadeh’s expertise in computational biology and data mining allows her to compile masses of genomic datasets to identify candidate genes and microRNAs with potential therapeutic functions. Dr. Shehadeh has recently identified a microRNA that reduces serum cholesterol levels and atherosclerotic burden in a mouse model of atherosclerosis (APOE-/-). Her team is currently running studies to identify mechanism of action including regulation of smooth muscle cell plasticity. Dr. Shehadeh has also identified a microRNA that regulates mesenchymal stem cell differentiation. Her lab is currently investigating the mechanisms by which bone-marrow derived stem cells are pushed into adipogenic lineage and away from osteogenic lineage, via a single microRNA molecule. In parallel with the mechanistic studies, the Shehadeh lab is actively engaged in developing a targeted delivery method for microRNAs using aptamer technology.


2002 Ph.D.
Florida Atlantic University