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Cara Benjamin, PhD

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Cara  Benjamin, PhD


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Research Interests

The immunological response of T cells in allogenic stem cell transplants (SCT) plays a critical role in the success or failure of the hematological graft. Using data generated by 10+ color flow cytometry in Dr. Komanduri’s lab to define cytokine and chemokine production of the subsets of CD4+ and CD8+ T cells we have a better understanding of which maturation stage of cells are participating in the engraftment or rejection process. Understanding how the fine subsets of T cells participate in immunologic function in human disease will support our goal of developing more selective strategies of immunosuppression and T cell targeting to improve the outcomes in the setting of SCT in humans.


U.T. M.D. Anderson Trainee Spotlight
American Society for Photobiology – Urbach Memorial Travel Award –
American Society for Photobiology – Urbach Memorial Travel Award –
American Society for Photobiology – Urbach Memorial Travel Award
American Association for Cancer Research – Scholar-In-Training Award – Presented at AACR Special Conference
U.T. M.D Anderson Cancer Center Trainee Excellence Award Recipient
NIH Postdoctoral Training Grant
American Society for Photobiology – Urbach Memorial Travel Award – Presented at 11th European Society of Photobiology Congress
Montagna Symposium on the Biology of the Skin Travel Award Recipient
Texas A&M Graduate Student Travel Award, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Operation Enterprise Scholarship recipient


Texas A&M University
Purdue University
University of Missouri


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