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Neil Schneiderman, PhD

General Information

Neil  Schneiderman, PhD


  • English


  • Director, Division of Health Psychology, Department of Psychology
  • Director, University of Miami Behavioral Medicine Research Center
  • Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering
  • Professor, Department of Medicine
  • Professor, Department of Psychology
  • Professor, Department of Public Health Sciences
  • Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences


Research Interests

  • Hispanic/Latino Health and Disease Prevention
  • Biobehavioral Bases of CHD Risk and Management
  • Bases of Diabetes Risk and Behavioral Management
  • Chronic Stress and Atherosclerotic Disease Progression
  • Behavioral Management and Stress Responses in HIV/AIDS



Neil Schneiderman, PhD is James L. Knight Professor of Psychology, Public Health Sciences, Medicine, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, and Biomedical Engineering.  He is the Director of the University of Miami Behavioral Medicine Research Center and Director of the Division of Health Psychology in the Department of Psychology.  Dr. Schneiderman is the PI of the Miami Field Center of the NIH NHLBI longitudinal, multi-center Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos and a member of the Steering, Ancillary Studies (Chair) and Publications Committees (2006-2019).  He is Director of an NIH NHLBI pre- and post-doctoral institutional (T32) training grant (1979-2019) and was PI of an NHLBI P01 “Biobehavioral Bases of CHD Risk and Management” (1986-2013) and PI of an NIMH P01 “Behavioral Management and Stress Response in HIV/AIDS” (1993-2004) as well as Director of an NIMH HIV/AIDS (T32) training grant (1994-2014).  He has received Distinguished Scientist Awards from the American Psychological Association, International Society of Behavioral Medicine, Society of Behavioral Medicine, and the American Psychosomatic Society; and Lifetime Achievement Awards from the Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research and the International Society of Behavioral Medicine.  Dr. Schneiderman served as Presidents of the Division of Health Psychology of the American Psychological Association, Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research, and International Society of Behavioral Medicine.  He was Editor-in-Chief of Health Psychology and the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine.