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Paul Shapshak

General Information

Paul  Shapshak


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  • English


  • Research Professor, Director of Dementia/HIV Laboratory

Research Interests

Drug abuse and AIDS risk and progression. HIV-1 gene expression in AIDS chronic neurologic disease and in Alzheimer's disease. Gene expression in NeuroAIDS. Bioinformatics, development of databases, and network analyses of Gene Expression in the human disease brain. Development of Ribozymes, siRNA, and vectors specific for genes in Drug Abuse and Neuropsychiatric disease.  Application of nanotechnology to Biology and Medicine. Prevention of spread of AIDS: transmission model and inactivation of HIV-1. Nitric Oxide, Cytokines and other factors in NeuroAIDS: modulators of progression and of HIV-1 replication and evolution in the central and peripheral nervous systems. Lab ora tory measures of NeuroAIDS, Alzheimer's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Schizophrenia.




1969 Ph.D.
Princeton University
1963 B.A.
Harvard College




1955 - 1959               High School of Music and Art, NY, NY


1959 - l963                BA, Harvard College , Cambridge, MA (Biochemistry)


1963 - 1964               New York University Medical Center, NY, NY (Biochemistry)


1964 - 1969               PhD, Princeton University , Princeton, NJ (Biochemistry)


1972-1973                 Fellowship, University of Wisconsin , Madison, WI (Molecular Virology)


1973- 1975                Staff Fellow, NIH (NICHD), Bethesda, MD (Molecular Biology)







September 1990-November 1992        University of Miami Medical School


Associate Professor in Research


Departments of Psychiatry, Neurology, Pathology


Comprehensive Drug Research Center



September 1988-August 1990            MOUNT SINAI MEDICAL CENTER


                                                                                Chief of Molecular Viral Pathology, Pearlman Research Center



October 1988-August 1990 University of Miami Medical School


                                                                                Adjunct Associate Professor


                                                                                Departments of Neurology and Pathology



July 1986-August 1988                        UCLA SCHOOL OF MEDICINE AND


                    HARBOR-UCLA MEDICAL CENTER


                    Adjunct Associate Professor


                    Departments of Neurology and Pediatrics


February 1981-August 1988               VETERANS ADMINISTRATION




                    WADSWORTH DIVISION


                    Los Angeles, California 90073


                    Neurology Service, 127A


                    Chief, Molecular Virology and Immunology





November 1983-August 1988             UCLA JONSSON COMPREHENSIVE CANCER CENTER


                    Westwood, California 90024


                    Associate Member



January 1979-June 1986                      UCLA SCHOOL OF MEDICINE AND HARBOR-UCLA


                                                                                MEDICAL CENTER


                                                                                Adjunct Assistant Professor


                                                                                Departments of Pediatrics and Neurology



March 1984-May 1984                         UCLA


                                                                                Acting Assistant Professor


                                                                                Departments of Chemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biochemistry



February 1982-October 1983              VETERANS ADMINISTRATION




                    WADSWORTH DIVISION


                    Los Angeles, California 90073


                    Department of Neurology


                    Co-Director, National Neurological Research Bank



February 1977-July 1978                                     REDKEN LABORATORIES, INC.



14721 Califa Street


                                                                              Van Nuys, California 91411


                                                                              Manager of the R & D Biochemistry Lab ora tory



July 1975-January 1977                                       UCLA SCHOOL OF MEDICINE


                                                                                Westwood, California 90024


                                                                                Postdoct ora l Fellow, Departments of Microbiology/Immunology,


                                                                                and Pathology



July 1973-June 1975                                             NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH


                                                                              National Institute for Child Health


                                                                              and Human Development


                                                                              Bethesda, Maryland 20205


                                                                              Staff Fellow



March 1973-June 1973                                         LITTON BIONETICS, INC.


                                                                              FREDERICK CANCER RESEARCH CENTER


                                                                              (National Cancer Institute)


                                                                              Ft. Detrick


                                                                              Frederick, Maryland 21701


                                                                              Senior Scientist, Advanced Systems Lab ora tory



March 1972-February 1973                                 UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN


                                                                              Madison, Wisconsin 53706


                                                                              Postdoct ora l Fellow, Biophysics Lab ora tory






September 1971-February 1972                          CORNELL UNIVERSITY


                                                                                School of Engineering


                                                                                Ithaca, New York 14853


                                                                                Post-doct ora l Fellow, Department of Applied Physics



September 1969-August 1971                            CORNELL UNIVERSITY


                                                                              Center for Radiophysics and Space Research (NASA)


                                                                              Ithaca, New York 14853


                                                                              Research Associate, Lab ora tory for Planetary Studies