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Harriet P. Lefley, Ph.D.,

General Information

Harriet P. Lefley, Ph.D.,


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  • Professor Of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Clinical Interests

Patient and family groups- severe and persistent mental illness


Harriet P. Lefley, Ph.D. holds advanced degrees in clinical and social psychology and has been a full time faculty member of the University of Miami since 1973. Her experience includes resident social research consultant for the Government of the Bahamas, Director of the University of Miami-Jackson Memorial Community Mental Health Services, and Director of Research and Evaluation for New Horizons Communtiy Mental Health Center.She has been Principal Investigator and Project Director of numerous National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) sponsored projects, including the Cross-Cultural Training Institute for Mental Health Professonals and  the Interdisciplinary Collaborative Family Training Project at three universities in psychiatry, psychology, and clinical social work. She also directed two National Forums on Training Mental Health Professionals to work with Persons with Serious Mental Illness and their Families,.co-sponsored by NIMH and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). She was national chair of the NAMI Curriclum and Training Consortium, a founder of NAMI of Miami and NAMI of Florida, and serves on their national Scientific Advisory Board..

Dr. Lefley had editorial, referee, or reviewer roles on 19 scientific journals. Her publications include nine books and over 100 articles and book chapters on cultural issues in mental health care, community mental health models, and services and support systems for persons with severe mental illness and their families. She was named a National Switzer Scholar by the National Rehabilitation Association and has received numerous awards, including those from the Association of Community Psychiatrists, the Division of Psychologists in Public Services of the American Psychological Assocation, and the Logan award for Outstanding Psychologist from NAMI.