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Nancy L. Brackett, Ph.D., H.C.L.D.

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Nancy L. Brackett, Ph.D., H.C.L.D.


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  • Clinical Andrologist
  • Director, Male Fertility Research Program
  • Research Associate Professor

Clinical Interests

Male infertility

Research Interests

The research in my laboratory is focused on understanding and improving the impairments to male fertility which occur following spinal cord injury (SCI). Following SCI, most men, but not women, experience impaired fertility. Specifically, most men with SCI are anejaculatory, and some experience erectile dysfunction. Although their semen may be obtained by medically-assisted ejaculation procedures, in most cases, semen quality is impaired, specifically, sperm motility and viability are abnormally low, although sperm numbers tend to be normal.

Our research is focused on determining the cause of impaired semen quality in men with SCI. Our studies have shown that factors secondary to SCI are not responsible for impaired semen quality in men with SCI. For example, the condition is not due to scrotal thermoregulatory dysfunction, the method or frequency of ejaculation, the number of ensuing years post-injury, or hormonal alterations. Our recent evidence indicates that the problem is related to the seminal plasma. For example, seminal plasma of men with SCI inhibits sperm motility of able-bodied men. In addition, sperm motility is much higher in men with SCI before the sperm mix with seminal plasma. Substances within the seminal plasma are abnormal in men with SCI, including elevated reactive oxygen species, decreased prostate specific antigen (a marker of prostate function) and decreased fructose (a marker of seminal vesicle function). The semen of men with SCI contains an abnormally high number of non-spermatozoon cells, most of which are leukocytes. Our current research is investigating inflammatory factors, including semen cytokine levels, as contributors to the problem. Our ultimate goal is to develop therapies to normalize semen quality in men with SCI, so that chances of biological fatherhood are increased.

In addition to our investigation of the seminal plasma, we are studying methods to improve semen retrieval and semen processing for assisted conception procedures. Our research has shown that sperm motility is better when obtained by penile vibratory stimulation versus electroejaculation, and that semen of men with SCI should be processed quickly and at room temperature, in contrast to prolonged processing at body temperature typically used for semen from able-bodied men. In addition, we have shown that brown-colored semen is a common occurrence in men with SCI. The cause of the brown color is unknown, and does not harm sperm motility. Contrary to common belief, our research showed that repeated ejaculation does not necessarily eliminate the brown color. We are currently investigating whether oral administration of nifedipine impairs sperm function in men with SCI, and we are investigating methods to improve antegrade semen recovery during assisted ejaculation procedures.infertility in men with spinal cord injury

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