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Wallace Glenn L. Kerrick, Ph.D.

General Information

Wallace Glenn  L. Kerrick, Ph.D.


  • English


  • Professor

Research Interests


1967-1971 PhD
University of Washington
1957-1961 Undergraduate
University of Puget Sound



Dr. Kerrick’s laboratory history has been concerned with mechanisms involved in the regulation of skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle contraction. Specifically, initial studies were concerned with the role Ca2+ and protein phosphorylation play in the regulation and modulation of muscle contraction. Smooth muscle studies from this research showed myosin phosphorylation in the absence of Ca2+ resulted in muscle contraction confirming the hypothesis that myosin phosphorylation regulates smooth muscle contraction. Cardiac studies in intact and skinned fibers have been directed towards elucidating mechanisms underlying cardiac myopathies. Recent studies on striated muscle (cardiac & skeletal) have focused on the role Neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase (nNOS) and nitrosylation play in modifying striated muscle function.

His Ph.D. thesis research was mentored by Dr. Allen M. Scher at the University of Washington. Following completion of his Ph.D. he spent 10 years as assistant and associate professor in the University of Washington Physiology and Biophysics Department. In 1981 he moved to the University of Miami Physiology and Biophysics Department. In addition to his successful research program he effectively directed the departmental graduate student program. Presently he has been the course coordinator for the cardiovascular physiology section of the medical student cardiovascular modular in addition to participating in medical student respiratory and renal physiology teaching. Throughout his career he has served on many granting agency study sections and University committees.