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Pantelis  Tsoulfas


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Research Interests

The research in my laboratory is currently focused on two major areas. The first area explores the early events of neurotrophin receptor activation and their effects on neural stem cells and the second explores the biological mechanisms involved in the maintenance and differentiation of neural stem cells.

Neurotrophins and trk mediated signaling
The NGF family of growth factors mediate their effects through the trk family of receptor tyrosine kinase and through p75 a member of the TNF family of receptors. Neurotrophins induce the receptors to dimerize.

Following dimerization, the receptors autophosphorylate on specific tyrosine residues that serve as docking sites for other signaling molecules that initiate several signaling cascades, leading to the activation of different key proteins important for biological responses. We are using new visualization techniques to map the dynamic interactions of the receptors and signaling molecules and their trafficking in vivo. Additional ongoing projects include the role that neurotrophins have on the regeneration of specific nerve tracks in spinal cord injury.

Maintanance and differentiation of neural stem cells
We are investigating how cell fate is controlled by intrinsic and exogenous factors and which molecules are involved in maintaining the stem cell characteristics. Our laboratory uses several approaches including in vitro and in vivo techniques to manipulate the expression of molecules that act as dominant negative or constitutively active. We are taking advantage of techniques such as microarray analysis and subtractive hybridization to isolate genes involved at different stages of stem cell differentiation.

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