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Tiffany M. Field

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Tiffany M. Field


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  • Director, Touch Research Institute



1976 Ph.D.


Tiffany Field, PhD is the director of the Touch Research Institute in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Miami School of Medicine which conducts research funded by NIH, March of Dimes and several corporations on the effects of alternative therapies such as massage therapy on various medical and psychological conditions including preventing prematurity, enhancing growth and development of preterm infants, reducing depression, attentional disorders and pain syndromes and increasing immune  function in chronic illnesses. She has received Research Scientist awards to support her 30 year research career in the Department of Pediatrics and has published over 400 journal papers and over 20 books. Earlier in her career she founded the preschool programs at the Debbie School and TheDominion Towers  on the Medical School Campus and the Canterbury School on the Coral Gables Campus.