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Santanu Banerjee

General Information

Santanu  Banerjee


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Research Interests

My principal research projects deal with innate immunity and inflammation (both sterile and pathogenic), where one hand we look at the inflammation in gut, lungs and system due to dual insult of drug abuse/clinical drug administration and pathogens (HIV and other opportunistic infections); on the other hand, we look at sterile inflammation due to metabolic disorders like diabetes and physiological conditions like obesity, where most often than not, the situations are go hand in hand. Studies on chronic morphine, and resultant immunosuppression, leading to persistent yet low-level inflammation is one of the flagship projects in my laboratory. Most of this is achieved using the powerful NSG-BLT humanized mice model, with engrafted human microbiome, which we have been preparing in-house and using for the past 2 years. This is one of the closest translational models to do this work, where we try to understand the role of commensal microbiome in disease and inflammation. To this end, I have the following active projects— (A) Lung inflammation in the context of opioid use/abuse and HIV infection, (B) Lung microbiota and it’s role in inflammation and lung metabolism and (C) Morphine, its role in cholesterol/Bile metabolism and systemic inflammation.