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Antoine Messiah, MS, MD, PhD, DrSC

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Antoine  Messiah, MS, MD, PhD, DrSC


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  • Voluntary Associate Professor, Department of Public Health Sciences



1999 DrSc
University of Paris-11
1988 PhD
University of Paris-7
1987 MD
University of Paris-6
1984 MS
University of Paris-7
1982 BS
University of Paris-6



Dr. Antoine Messiah’s impetus to improve health, combined with his conviction that problems must be addressed from various angles, drove him to earn a trilogy of doctoral degrees: one in Medicine (MD), one in Biostatistics (PhD), and one in Epidemiology (Dr Sc).

He is a consultant in data analysis, biostatistics, clinical research, epidemiology and public health. He has consulted for numerous medical institutions, as well as pharmaceutical companies, in France and USA.

Dr. Messiah has over 30 years of post-doctoral experience in conducting all stages of clinical and public health research projects, from conception to publication. He has considerable experience in: mentoring clinicians, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students for their projects; conceiving, leading, analyzing and publishing research studies (100 publications); performing complex data analysis; lecturing and giving classroom instruction, as well as creating curricula. 

Dr. Messiah is a tenured Research Scientist at INSERM (France), a former Visiting Associate Professor at University of Miami, a former Visiting Associate Professor at University of Pennsylvania, as well as a former Assistant Professor in Biostatistics and Epidemiology at Orsay-Paris-Sud University, France. He has significant collaborative experience internationally, and is currently engaged in a transatlantic collaborative research agenda.

Dr. Messiah seeks opportunities to offer his expertise as a consultant.